Pro Boxing Is Growing In Nigeria —NBB of C Boss


President of Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, NBB of C, Godwin Kanu, has declared that professional boxing is prospering in the country. The NBB of C boss stated this in a recent interview with Boxing In Focus in Lagos.

“It is obvious that professional boxing is progressing in the country. This is clear enough for every body to see. Professional boxing is not like what we had in the past when it had deteriorated” said the NBB of C topshot.

Kanu stated that the fact that people now come out to watch fights in large numbers is an evident that professional boxing is thriving in the country.

“More people watch professional boxing tournaments today. This was not the situation in recent past when only few people used to come out to watch boxing bouts. The fact that people now come out to watch fights in throng is a sign that the boxing is flourishing in the country,” said Kanu.

The NBB of C president explained that the reason professional boxing deteriorated in the country was due to the dearth of sponsors and promoters to organise boxing tournaments y.

“It is true that professional boxing deteriorated at a point in the country. It was because sponsors and promoters were not forthcoming. These two are very vital to the success of professional boxing,” Kanu said.

However, the boxing topshot said the current board has done a lot to revive professional boxing in the country.

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“The new leadership of the board is trying its best to encourage promoters. The board helps them to create awareness by organising press conferences. In addition, the board has carried out series of promotions on its own.

“Nigerians will discover that we have achieved a lot in the past few months as far as promotion is concerned. We have improved the lot of professional boxing and as well succeeded in keeping our boxers busy by organising professional boxing tournaments in a short space of time,” said Kanu.

The NBB of C boss disclosed that one of the ways the board is promoting professional boxing in the country is by ensuring that the country is well represented at the continental and world levels.

“Another way that the board is contributing to the growth of boxing in the country is by attending various international conventions organised by international bodies. We also make sure that our boxers improve in their ratings.

“These have been yielding positive results, considering the exploits of our boxers lately.

Yakub Kareem just won a commonwealth super flyweight title while Segun Ajose will be going for WBC elimination bout in America later in the month,” said Kanu.

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