Masai Forsees Bright Future For Nigeria


Denver Nuggets’ General Manager, Masai Ujiri, has predicted a brighter future for basketball in the country.

He said that with the enormous talents in the country there is no way Nigeria will not rule Africa in the nearest future.

Speaking to P.M. Sports at the just concluded three-day Nestle Milo Top 50 Basketball Camp, which ended last week in Lagos, the Nigerian-born coach said if all hands are put on deck Nigeria will be a force to reckon with in Africa and the world at large.

He said: “I can see a better future for the game in the country considering the renewed vigour being shown by the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF and the foreign-based stars in the development of the game in Nigeria.

“Nigerians have made their mark in the game in different parts of the globe, but there is need for the country to harness her enormous potentials in this regard and put up a big show at international championships like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

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“I forsee this happening very soon if we can continue to initiate developmental programmes in different parts of the country.”

Masai said that with the coaching and players’ clinic being organised by professional players such as Rashidat Sadiq,Olumide Oyedeji and others, he sees no reason the game should not improve in the country.

He added that such laudable projects should not be solely concentrated in Lagos but evenly spread across the country.

“The only way to bring about even development of the game in the country is for the government or the NBBF to map out modalities to spread developmental projects across the nation. With that, there will be general participation of players in such projects from all backgrounds.” he said.

—Bamidele Olowosagba