Baba Suwe The Movie


Rumours are spreading that ace comedian, Baba Suwe, may turn his drug saga in the hands of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, into a comic movie when he is set free.

As the comedian prepares to spend another weekend in NDLEA cell, Nigerians on Facebook have already coined hilarious movie titles for him.

Script writers are suggesting that he titles his Yoruba movie, Igbe Ayeraye (Everlasting Shit), Igbe ti o common (Uncommon Shit) or Moyagbeti (Couldn’t Shit).

Others are advising him to choose Igbe togbayi (Shit of Prestige), Igbe Shoro (Difficult Shit), Igbe ti aye nduro de (The Expected Poo), Igbe ti ki tan (Poo that doesn’t finish) and Igbe t’owon (Expensive Poo).

Some script writers titled it “The Last Shit”, “The Expensive Shit”, “Another Shit”, or “Drug Shit”.

With the disclosure this morning by Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA Head of Public Affairs, that Babatunde Omidina, Baba Suwe’s real name, will remain under observation, hilarious titles for the drug saga movie are likely to skyrocket, giving the comedian a good laugh and a wide range of options and writers to choose from.

—Simon Ateba

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