Lagos ACN Blasts PDP’s Resort To Violence In Lagos


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described the open endorsement of gross illegality, violence and underhand practices by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in protesting the results of the local government election in Lagos as a proof of the insincerity and duplicity of the party.


It said that the PDP is reluctant to go to court because it knows its house of blackmail will collapse badly in any court.


In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that the PDP, faced with the reality that it would not corner some political space it does not have in Lagos through sheer blackmail, has exposed itself as perpetrators of violence and illegality.


It says the greed and sheer deadly lust that fires PDP’s quest to annex Lagos , to add to its empire of plunder, is firing the present resort to brigandage to get what PDP does not have.


“We are surprised that a party that employed all types of blackmail against the CPC protest of obvious and open manufacture of fake figures to steer victory to PDP in last April’s presidential election is now fully engrossed in all acts of violence and self help to con some local councils in Lagos. That the party has gone ahead to even retch up a one-man party that calls itself African Renaissance Party to sing its ludicrous songs and do its dirty biddings show the desperation of PDP to annex Lagos, which is a wild dream that have been rebuffed by Lagosians for fourteen years now.


“That the PDP national leadership has thrown itself into the ring shows the kind of greed and desperation that fires the PDP engine. For a party that has supervised sham exercises that has seen it annex all the local councils and wards in all states controlled by the PDP to now poke its notorious mouth into the conduct of Lagos council shows how deeply insincere and hypocritical the PDP is.


“We ask Rufai Alkali, the Publicity Secretary of the PDP to publish to Nigerians the conduct and outcome of local council elections in PDP states, even where the party has contestable hold, for us to have an idea into his quaint intervention into the conduct of local council elections in Lagos, as well as his context of credible election.


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“Lagosians are at a loss to understand the grouse of PDP, which keep fluctuating by the day. We remember that as at Sunday, they claimed to have won six chairmanship seats but today, they have modified it to four, which leads us to ask the PDP what is actually their true position in the entire affair.”


According to ACN, “PDP said it has copies of the results where it claimed to have won and we wonder why they are so shy of approaching the tribunals as they normally lecture the many victims of the many electoral frauds they have been perpetrating all over the country. Does it not prove the fact that the PDP was merely trying its desperate hands on infantile blackmail and has no credible results to prove their wild claim? Lagosians are asking what the party fears in approaching electoral tribunals instead of unleashing hired thugs, vandals and paid protesters on Lagos , with the hope it will scam some concessions through that act of self help.


“We want to remind Lagosians that in the INEC organized general election in April, the PDP never won a state assembly seat, no House of Representatives seat, no Senate seat and lost woefully in the governorship election in Lagos . For the same party to now claim to have acquired electoral relevance overnight to enact electoral miracles is proof that the PDP lacks ideas, as it lacks electoral value in Lagos .


“For the same party to now employ its inability to make any recognisable impression in the local council election as a We want to let Lagosians know that we are fully aware of the game PDP is playing and that the realization that such game is not working is the reason why the party has resorted to gross illegality and blackmail when it has a legal options to prove its wild claims.


“For the PDP to use the fact of its traditional woeful failure in an election in Lagos to now launch a frenzy of blackmail and use it to mobilise sympathy for its selfish cause is a despicable tactics by the PDP to annex Lagos, even when they know they have no support base in Lagos.


“That PDP members have resorted to full scale violence and outright breach of the law to force themselves on Lagosians is not surprising to us as it is the only way the party that is locked in a deadly desire to conquer Lagos to add to its milkable cash cows is through these bizarre tactics. We want to therefore urge Lagosians to exercise restraint in the face of these provocations and not be seduced to taking actions that may jeopardise the peace and tranquility that has been brought to reign in Lagos for sometime now.


“We urge Lagosians to resist the temptation to take laws into their hand as that will mean playing into the hands of the desperate PDP to destroy Lagos , if they will not have it. We want to let Lagosians know that the Lagos State government is committed to the protection of lives and properties in Lagos , even with the complicit manner the police have handled the lawless conduct of the PDP members and their leaders.”

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