Lagos ACN Cautions Protesters Against Looting


The Action Congress of Nigeria Lagos State chapter has cautioned protesters against oil subsidy removal not to allow hoodlums and miscreants to take advantage of the prevailing situation in the country to hijack a peaceful protest and consequently resort to looting and wanton destruction of public property.


In a release signed by the state publicity secretary Mr. Joe Igbokwe, the party says that information reaching our desk in Lagos has shown that hoodlums and street urchins have gradually infiltrated the camp of genuine protesters and resorted to rape, looting and wanton destruction of public property.


“The party says since the protest started on Monday 9th January 2012, this country has been losing close to N160 billion daily and warns that if we allow looting and destruction of public infrastructure and property to add to the huge loss already, it will just be too much for the country that is yet to find its feet in the comity of nations.”


“If we frown at the reports of willful damage of public property around the country, the number of deaths recorded so far in the struggle pricks our conscience and it pains us to the marrows. It is like a dagger in our hearts and we hope that President Goodluck Jonathan will have the courage and the political will to stop this crisis immediately.”


According to ACN, “yesterday in Ibadan Oyo State, ACN Senators: Tunde Ashafa, Oluremi Tinubu, Babafemi Ojudu and Babajide Omoworare were attacked by hoodlums on their way to Abuja to contribute to the national debate on how to move this country forward at a time like this. We see this as a dangerous signal that things are getting out of hand and out of control, and only common sense, courage, wisdom and intelligence can help us in this time of need to avert a revolution”.


“The fundamental issue at hand is all about money and this nation is far more important than money. Money is useless where there are no people to use it. President Jonathan must save the nation first and worry about gains of oil subsidy removal later.”


“We are all students of history and wise people do not want to speak the words, ‘HAD I KNOWN’ when the chips are down. The anger we see on our streets today is an accumulated anger in the last 13 years of rudderless and inept leadership by the PDP controlled Federal Government. The anger stems from the obvious and painful self-evident truths that this country has earned more money in 13 years than what we earned in 39 years from 1960 to 1999 and yet we have not seen any tangible development in place. To compound it all PDP says they will rule Nigeria for more 60 years.”


The party added: “The truth is that if you have not managed these huge resources in the past 13 years what is the guarantee that you will manage the trillions that will accrue from this indirect tax called Oil subsidy? You cannot give what you do not have”.


“Lagos ACN is joining the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Federal House of Representatives to plead that President Jonathan reverts back to 65 Naira per litre and from there the genuine dialogue will start. CIVILITY IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. This country is not owned by the President alone, it is owned by 150 million Nigerians. Begin to make sacrifices, begin to provide the palliatives,and begin to cushion the effects of oil subsidy removal before you start the phased removal of the so-called subsidy.”

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