2014 World Cup Fixtures Guide


Programme of fixtures for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which runs from June 12 until July 13, following Friday’s draw (local time and GMT):



Thursday, June 12

Match 1: at Sao Paulo (17h00-20h00), Brazil v Croatia

Friday, June 13

Match 2: at Natal (13h00-16h00), Mexico v Cameroon

Tuesday, June 17

Match 17: at Fortaleza (16h00- 19h00), Brazil v Mexico

Wednesday, June 18

Match 18: at Manaus (15h00-19h00), Cameroon v Croatia

Monday, June 23

Match 33: at Brasilia (17h00-20h00), Cameroon v Brazil

Match 34: at Recife (17h00- 20h00), Croatia v Mexico


Friday, June 13

Match 3: at Salvador (16h00-19h00), Spain v Netherlands

Match 4: at Cuiaba (18h00-22h00), Chile v Australia

Wednesday, June 18

Match 19: at Rio de Janeiro (19h00-22h00), Spain v Chile

Match 20: at Porto Alegre (13h00-16h00), Australia v Netherlands

Monday, June 23

Match 35: at Curitiba (13h00-16h00), Australia v Spain

Match 36: at Sao Paulo (13h00-16h00), Netherlands v Chile


Saturday, June 14

Match 5: at Belo Horizonte (13h00-16h00), Colombia v Greece

Match 6: at Recife (19h00-22h00), Ivory Coast v Japan

Thursday, June 19

Match 21: at Brasilia (13h00-16h00), Colombia v Ivory Coast

Match 22: at Natal (19h00-22h00), Japan v Greece

Tuesday, June 24

Match 37: at Cuiaba (16h00-20h00), Japan v Colombia

Match 38: at Fortaleza (17h00-20h00), Greece v Ivory Coast


Saturday, June 14

Match 7: at Fortaleza (16h00-19h00), Uruguay v Costa Rica

Match 8: at Manaus (21h00-01h00 15/06/14), England v Italy

Thursday, June 19

Match 23: at Sao Paulo (16h00- 19h00), Uruguay v England

Friday, June 20

Match 24: at Recife (13h00-16h00), Italy v Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 24

Match 39: at Natal (13h00-16h00), Italy v Uruguay

Match 40: at Belo Horizonte (13h00-16h00), Costa Rica v England


Sunday, June 15

Match 9: at Brasilia (13h00-16h00), Switzerland v Ecuador

Match 10: at Porto Alegre (16h00-19h00), France v Honduras

Friday, June 20

Match 25: at Salvador (16h00-19h00), Switzerland v France

Match 26: at Curitiba (19h00-22h00), Honduras v Ecuador

Wednesday, June 25

Match 41: at Manaus (16h00-20h00), Honduras v Switzerland

Match 42: at Rio de Janeiro (17h00-20h00), Ecuador v France


Sunday, June 15

Match 11: at Rio de Janeiro (19h00-22h00), Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Monday, June 16

Match 12: at Curitiba (16h00-19h00), Iran v Nigeria

Saturday, June 21

Match 27: at Belo Horizonte (13h00-16h00), Argentina v Iran

Match 28: at Cuiaba (18h00-22h00), Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Wednesday, June 25

Match 43: at Porto Alegre (13h00-16h00), Nigeria v Argentina

Match 44: at Salvador (13h00-16h00), Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran


Monday, June 16

Match 13: at Salvador (13h00-16h00), Germany v Portugal

Match 14: at Natal (19h00-22h00), Ghana v USA

Saturday, June 21

Match 29: at Fortaleza (16h00-19h00), Germany v Ghana

Sunday, June 22

Match 30: at Manaus (15h00-19h00), USA v Portugal

Thursday, June 26

Match 45: at Recife (13h00-16h00), USA v Germany

Match 46: at Brasilia (13h00-16h00), Portugal v Ghana


Tuesday, June 17

Match 15: at Belo Horizonte (13h00-16h00), Belgium v Algeria

Match 16: at Cuiaba (18h00-22h00), Russia v South Korea

Sunday, June 22

Match 31: at Rio de Janeiro (19h00-22h00), Belgium v Russia

Match 32: at Porto Alegre (13h00-16h00), South Korea v Algeria

Thursday, June 26

Match 47: at Sao Paulo (17h00-20h00), South Korea v Belgium

Match 48: at Curitiba (17h00-20h00), Algeria v Russia


Saturday, June 28

Match 49, at Belo Horizonte (13h00-16h00), 1st Group A v 2nd Group B

Match 50, at Rio de Janeiro (17h00-20h00), 1st Group C v 2nd Group D

Sunday, June 29

Match 51, at Fortaleza (13h00-16h00), 1st Group B v 2nd Group A

Match 52, at Recife (17h00-20h00), 1st Group D v 2nd Group C

Monday, June 30

Match 53, at Brasilia (13h00-16h00), 1st Group E v 2nd Group F

Match 54, at Porto Alegre (17h00-20h00), 1st Group G v 2nd Group H

Tuesday, July 1

Match 55, at Sao Paulo (13h00-16h00), 1st Group F v 2nd Group E

Match 56, at Salvador (17h00-20h00), 1st Group H v 2nd Group G


Friday, July 4

Match 57, at Fortaleza (17h00-20h00), winner Match 49 v winner Match 50

Match 58, at Rio de Janeiro (13h00-16h00), winner Match 53 v winner Match 54

Saturday, July 5

Match 59, at Salvador (17h00-20h00), winner Match 51 v winner Match 52

Match 60, at Brasilia (13h00-16h00), winner Match 55 v winner Match 56


Tuesday, July 8

Match 61, at Belo Horizonte (17h00-20h00), winner Match 57 v winner Match 58

Wednesday, July 9

Match 62, at Sao Paulo (17h00-20h00), winner Match 59 v winner Match 60


Saturday, July 12

Match 63, at Brasilia (17h00-20h00), loser Match 61 v loser Match 62


Sunday, July 13

Match 64, at Rio de Janeiro (16h00-19h00), winner Match 61 v winner Match 62