Innovative Grasscutter Farming Technology

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By Prince Arinze Onebunne

Design, construction, and management of commercial grasscutter production buildings in West Africa have changed in the past 5-years, inexpensive structures and limited concern of air emissions has resulted in few incentives to critically evaluate, modify, or significantly change the rodent housing designs. However, recent trends have forced the grasscutter industry to reduce the environmental impact of grasscutter production systems.

For grasscutter farming this could partially be accomplished through the development and use of smarter housing designs and management that reduces the impact of harsh weather conditions.Functional grasscutter farm designed and built based onproductivity and sustenance principles guarantee high profit and high rate of returns on investment. Grasscutter production is a lifetime and inheritable income yielding investment in Nigeria.

During the last 20 years, culinary tastes of people living in Nigeria have changed significantly. Nigeria is home to a large number of ethnic groups which has contributed to an increase in the growth of multicultural restaurants. Consequently, todays chefs are creating exciting and different types of cuisine with a unique blend of innovation and tradition. And, they are now willing to create their own Nigerian grasscutter recipes.

Grasscutters are raised with organic materials and does not have chemical residues like other farmed meat. It has been proven that grasscutter can be farmed in large numbers through intensive hutch method and judging by the interest shown to this new innovative method-by wise farmers, more people will become involved.


There is a limited exposure of domesticated grasscutter to restaurants. With the advent of mass production of grasscutters on a commercial basis using this new method in Nigeria, there may now be an opportunity for domestic and international trade in farm-raised grasscutters.

This new approach offers an alternative to create sustainable, viable grasscutter production for expanding domestic market. It is targeted at people seeking ways to diversify farming operations away from the traditional livestock and cropping enterprises or to specialize in a niche market.

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To successfully raise grasscutters in large numbers with good returns, there is need for appropriate housing system. Housing system is one of the major factors responsible for profitable grasscutter production over the years. The housing must ensure proper hygiene of both the infrastructure and the animals, protect the livestock from dangers and facilitate proper inspection, maintenance and handling. This method is the latest technology in grasscutter farming which combines the major features of both the cage and the hutch system. It therefore amalgamates the advantages of the two methods. The floor is made of pre-cast slab, which reserves feed for the animals while the side demarcations is made up of iron proof. The flock can therefore be seen at the same time while the floor, which had been made of pre-cast slabs, preserves the feed for the animals and portrays a natural habitat.

It has an opening within the division at the middle point and iron mesh is used as the door, which allows, transparency within the animals and the farmer. It features include pre-cast slab, which serves as floor and roof to the animals respectively, the casted blocks supports the entire structure, while the iron proof serves as the door and allows easy movement. The animals grows faster and bigger within the shortest possible period and encourages proper cleaning and familiarity. It encourages good ventilation and adequate mating. There is enough lighting to the animals and the newly born babies are well protected.

This innovationis a welcome solution to the deterrents in the grasscutter industry.It presents revolutionary models, thought-provoking plans and inspiring ideas as to where commercial grasscutter production may go in the future.

Successful production of grasscutters requires the development of specific managerial skills that relate to breeding, feeding, housing, and disease control practices. These skills are readily taught to participants at our seminars.

Many policy analysts attribute the neglect of agricultural sector because of the discovery of petroleum resources in Nigeria and the accompanying foreign exchange fortunes. Farming was not only abandoned, the structure of domestic demand for food and agricultural products was altered in favour of imported food which Nigeria was once reputed as a leading world producer.

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