Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane Akinyemi
Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Oh, it’s New Year, the beginning of January! You know what that means, right?
It means every gym and stadium will be super packed, every diet book will be flying off the shelves, and every supplement company will try to push their latest “fat loss pill.”
Why? Because losing weight and exercising is one of the top New Year’s resolutions…every year!
I absolutely love seeing people make the decision to make a positive change in their weight and their health and love seeing people adopt a new healthy eating and exercise plan.
Here’s what I don’t love:
I don’t love, or shall I say hate, diet pill companies that promote their “magic” potions and pills as the easiest and best way to lose weight and keep it off. I know hate is a strong word, but what upsets me the most is many of these companies take advantage of well-meaning people who want to make a positive difference in their health and sell them products that may not work or (even worse) do more harm than good by damaging their metabolism.
I am going to make a bold statement here and say that if a “diet” program requires you to purchase their pills and shakes to make the diet work, you should be very cautious (and probably look for a different program).
I can tell you with 100% certainty that all you need in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off is wholesome, natural food…and that’s it! Oh, and water, of course. But you don’t need any magic pills or shakes to drop the excess fat off your body and keep it off for good.
That is why I teach my clients and my readers exactly how to use REAL, delicious and wholesome foods in order to boost metabolism, feel energized, and lose tons of fat at the same time.
If you’ve been following my articles for some time, or if you’ve just started, you’ll quickly see that I am not a fan of pills and keep my supplement recommendations to an absolute minimum. Real food is always BEST.
But there are a few supplements (just a few) that I do take myself sometimes.
I would say that, by far, one of the most important supplements I take is a high quality Vitamin C supplement
“Sharon if you’re not a fan of pills, why is this one so important?”
Let’s put it this way….
If you have excess fat on your body you want to lose
If your joints ache in any way
If you feel fatigued during the day
If you have a family history of Diabetes or heart disease
You MUST take in a sufficient amount of Vitamin C
Our bodies cannot survive or function properly if they don’t get enough essential vitamins. Our bodies need Vitamins but cannot make them on their own so we must get them from the foods we eat.
Fruits high in Vitamin C includes guava, apples, tangerine, lemons, oranges, African cherry (agbalumo), pineapple, pawpaw, watermelon.
Now, you tell me. After quickly reading the fruits listed above, which ones do you think people are consuming the most? Aside from fruits I also recommend the following:
First, I highly recommend you make organic eggs, croker and sardines, and walnuts a regular part of your healthy weight loss plan.
Second, I highly encourage you to supplement your eating plan with enough vegetables too.
One of my very favourite fruits is water melon ( I think its the fruit in season now). My likeness for this fruit not only for its quality and purity, but also for its antioxidant properties not present in some other fruits .The good thing is : This fruit is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Potassium, and a very good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Remember that moderation is key. You must not overeat.
If you were going to take just 1 supplement each and every day, this is your best bet. Not only will it help your body naturally burn off unwanted fat, it will enhance your heart health, balance your blood sugar and minimize joint pain.
If you want to make a true difference in your weight, health and energy levels in 2016 make sure to add Omega-3s or healthy oils to the top of your food list and complement with powerful proteins and low carbohydrate foods.
At Body Confidence Fitness club, we are prepared to help you achieve that body type you desire. We are coming up with a lot of programs in 2016 for our clients and am sure you will benefit from them if you key in early enough.
It’s the special combination of these components I have developed that will fast-track you to fat loss:

1. Detailed meal plans for every meal, every day for 14 days + 7 days of bonus meal plans. Every once in a while, you may just need a break from “thinking”…thinking about what you’re going to make, thinking about what might be tasty to eat, and thinking about what would be the best choice for you to lose weight in minimal time. We shall take the guesswork out and give you every meal, exactly as it should be eaten and prepared.

2. We have manipulated certain foods in just the right way to decrease inflammation and maximize your metabolism. Something we do with our one-on-one clients when they want to see results fast is eliminate certain foods that may be causing inflammation inside their bodies and stalling weight loss. I have already done that in the Body Confidence meal plans, without having you feel deprived or eating boring tasteless food. We have been creating meal plans like these for more than 6 years and have really gotten good at making every meal taste delicious without including those foods that may be causing inflammation in most people.

3. We have included a simple, yet extremely effective exercise program that can be done right in your own home. Many exercise programs do not take into consideration that we all have jobs, families, and lots of responsibilities every day and we (myself included) cannot spend hours at the gym each day. We made it easy for you by incorporating my favorite exercises I do at home into one exercise program. And you’ll never have to work out two days in a row (and you’ll still drop fat)! What I want to be extremely clear about is that the Body Confidence program does not use unsafe or unhealthy tactics to accelerate weight loss. That is just something we would never do. But by using safe strategies in a specific way, you can see the pounds drop quickly in the next 21 days (or 28 days if you use the BONUS meal plans). To add to your “winnings,” I’m putting together a health section just for Body Confidence Gym members. But for now you can start by putting your heart right with these cardio exercises – This New Year Cardio Workout Challenge is a little different from our normal challenges as there is no increase in reps each day, instead you do as many reps as you can in the specified time set. This workout also does not have to be done for 28 days, you can mix it into your normal fitness regime, or do it every other day, or everyday it is up to you.

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The workout challenge is designed to get your heart pumping and help you to work off those extra few pounds you may have put on over the seasonal period.

The challenge has 4 exercises which you complete twice a day, for the full 28 days of the challenge. These are squat jumps, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and prisoner squats and they are easy to do at home or at the gym.

The best thing about this New Year Cardio Workout Challenge is that it can be easily completed by anyone, no matter how fit you are. If you can only do 2 jumping jacks in 15 seconds then that is all you do, if you can do 15 then great, you can do that many. As you do this challenge each day you will find that you can do more and more reps of each exercise, as you become fitter and stronger – you will really see the difference! This year 2016 will become healthier, happier and more productive by meeting your fitness goals.

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