Eastern China knife attack: 11 injured


Housewife arrested over knife attack on woman

Knife with blood

Eleven people on Thursday were injured in a knife attack in eastern China, police in Jiangxi province said.

“The suspect, a 33-year-old man with previous psychiatric problems, was apprehended following the attack in Ji’an City.

“Victims included children, although there were no life-threatening injuries,’’ police added.

Knives are commonly used in attacks in China, where ownership of guns is illegal.

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The country has seen a number of knife attacks in recent years.

In February 2018, one woman was killed and 12 people were injured in a knife attack at a Beijing shopping centre.

In July 2017, two people were killed and nine were injured in a knife attack at a Walmart in southern China.

Such attacks are generally blamed on individuals suffering from mental illness or those holding grudges against society.