PDP wins polling units in Karu, Nyanya, Jikwoyi, Orozo, others




The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has won the Councillorship and chairmanship elections in polling units across Karu, Nyanya, Jikwoyi, Orozo and others within the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).

In Polling unit 009, in Kugbo, the presiding officer, Mr Joseph Ngbede announced PDP as winner of the election for chairmanship and councillorship elections.

He said that PDP polled 180 votes while APC got 72 votes in the chairmanship election.

According to him, the number of registered voters was 1,524, with 279 accredited, 271 valid votes and eight invalid votes.

In the councillorship poll, PDP polled 157 votes while APC had 88 votes with 267 valid votes and 12 rejected votes.

At the polling unit 009 located at Nyanya Primary School Area D, the Presiding officer, Mr Sule Gabriel, announced that PDP won with 269 votes while APC had 82 votes in the chairmanship election.

He said that there were 2,406 registered voters with 271 accredited, 269 valid votes and voided votes.

For the councillorship poll, Gabriel said the PDP polled 145 votes while APC had 53 votes, with 267 valid votes and 4 voided votes.

At Nyanya Area A1 polling units 008 and 009, Nyanya market, Mrs Zainab Yusuf, said that PDP won with 132 votes as against 63 for APC in the chairmanship poll while in the concillorship poll, PDP polled 120 votes and APC 41 votes.

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He said that of the 1,792 registered voters, 201 were accredited.

Similarly at Karu Ward in Kofar Gidan Saraki Polling Unit 001A, the Presiding Officer, Mr Jacob Mba, said PDP polled 64 votes and APC 57 in the chairmanship election and PDP 69 votes as against 39 for APC in the councillorship poll.

At the Main polling unit 001, Orozo primary school, the Presiding officer, Aliyu Dalhata, gave the results as Chairmanship APC 38, PDP 443; Councillorship APC 375 and PDP 368.

Dalhatu also gave the councillorship results as: APC 106 and PDP 292.

Also, Mrs Elizabeth Oche gave the results of Polling Unit 004, Army Barack, Phase 1, Kurudu as Councillorship: APC — 18, PDP– 68, No of registered voters = 854, No of accredited voters =I29; Chairmanship: APC–25, PDP–86,

Results for Polling Unit 007, Kpegyi FCT as announced by the Presiding officer, Mr Emmanuel Ikezu was:Registered voters –2975, accredited voters — 792. Councillorship: APC–147, PDP–625; Chairmanship: APC –130 and PDP–558.

The Result of Polling unit 013, CBN Junction by Karu as announced by Mr Emmanuel Adekunle, the Presiding Officer, were as follows: number of registered voters –2,125, number of accredited voters –156; Counsellorship APC –58, PDP–76; Chairmanship — APC 70, PDP- 97.

The Result of Polling unit Area E1, Nyanya, code 010 as announced by Mr Luck Baba, the Presiding Officer, were number of registered voters –2175, number of accredited voters –235; Counsellorship — APC –47, PDP–135; Chairmanship–APC — 60, PDP- –147.

Also the result of Polling unit, Agricultural Centre, Kara, code 003 as announced by Mr Eiven Emmanuel, the Presiding Officer were number of registered voters –2,802, number of accredited voters –656; Counsellorship poll– APC –73, PDP–400; Chairmanship – APC- 430 and PDP –197. (NAN)

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