Ali Baba admonishes followers




Veteran comedian Ali Baba leaves words of encouragement to his 824 Instagram fans, urging them to take advantage of every opportunity life has to offer, since we only live once.

The comic act says people should always speak up and stop bottling up things they need to say, which can lead to regret in most cases.

He wrote:

A lot of people have lost people who would have made them happy, just because they failed to speak up about how they feel.

A lady told us during a hangout how she liked a guy so much she didn’t tell him, because she was waiting for him to make the first move. She was still waiting, another lady in another department made a move. She was now having bad belle when she got invited to the wedding.

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If you miss anyone, call them. Don’t start counting days. It’s a 2 way street. Don’t be behaving like an air plane. People must not always come to you. Be a helicopter once in a while. Go meet a passenger.

Explain yourself to be understood. Stop quarreling when someone needs you to clear grey areas. How do you mean? Is not an insult.

Ask questions. You no go lossssss. But take note. Are you mad? Is not a question.

If you don’t ask for something you want, how will anyone know you want it?

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