Charly Boy plans to disobey dead mum on funeral day

Charly Boy and his mother

Charly Boy and his late mom

Charly Boy and his late mom

Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy, the rascally entertainer and sometimes political activist, has just announced he is going to disobey his dead mother by not fulfilling her wish to have a quiet and simple funeral.

Charly Boy in an interview with PUNCH’s Saturday Beats said he would rather accord his mum a loud carnival-like funeral because as he put it, the centenarian mum lived a fulfilled life and was worth celebrating.

Charly Boy’s mum, Margaret Oputa died on Tuesday. She was aged 101, but Charly Boy said her correct age was 102.

The activist said though he was not in the country when she passed, his wife, daughters and grandchildren were with her.

The self-acclaimed president of all frustrated Nigerians said his mother died in her sleep and her death was worth celebrating.

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“My mother died at 102. I had been out of the country. I spoke with her three days ago before her demise, but we thank God. Her death is a celebration because she lived to a ripe old age. She died in my house— my wife, daughter and granddaughter were all there.”

“I’ll miss our chats and videos— my mom was a very hip hop person. She always wanted to know about what people were saying about our videos. She also liked to talk about our old times and my rascally ways, among several other things. Sometimes, choristers would come to the house to serenade her. And I often took her to watch comedy shows in Abuja. She was the go-to person for me. It’s not easy to give birth to someone like Charly Boy. She was really a great woman, and we had very loving moments. I can say she died happily. She passed on in her sleep and certainly lived a good life,” he said.

Charly Boy, who is a grandfather, said his personality would not allow him to grant her mother’s request of a quiet funeral.

“For the burial, my mum said she wanted a very simple ceremony. She said I should keep it peaceful, but Charly Boy does not do simple things. She lived a good life and did all that she wanted to do. My love for humanity and humility came from her. The burial will be in December because I need to hustle. It’s going to be a big celebration and carnival.”