Your name signifies what you represent - Juliana Olayode


Olayode Juliana

Olayode Juliana

Movie actress, author, and influencer Olayode Juliana aka Toyo baby says a person’s name is a reflection of who they are. The ”Rebirth” writer revealed that she recently check the meaning of her name, encouraging others to carry out same research so as to know themselves better.

She wrote:

What’s the meaning of your name? Tell me 😊
So when I searched for the meaning of my name, I read different meanings/stories, it was an interesting and educating search for me. It felt so good to know the meaning of my name😊😊😊 if you don’t know yours, please find out. Somehow, it helps you to know who you are and what you represent😊😊😊 Juliana means beautiful and youthful😍😍 there are several other meanings but so you don’t get jealous 😂😂😂😂 I’ll share just these two😍😍😍 What is the meaning of yours? Comment below😘

Juliana became popular through Funke Akindele’s series ”Jenifa’s Diary” where she played Toyosi but addressed as Toyo baby.