Eucharia Anunobi

Nigerian film star Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu is giving us tips to stay strong and come out stronger than we were before the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The 54 year old actor who doubles as a pastor disclosed that only the ones who have endurance not to give into pressure of negativity holds the key to the future.

Eucharia who is currently in the UK wrote this message:

The exceptional ones will have the last laugh.
The exceptional ones are the ones that have endurance power not to give into the pressure of indulging in negative vices no matter how attractive.
Those that have endurance power are the REMANTS WHO WILL BE THE CUSTODIANS OF THE FUTURE.
Genesis 6 : 1 – 22, 7 : 1 – 24
Stay safe. Stay informed. The days are evil. #covid 19 is real and lethal.
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In 2017 Eucharia lost her only son, Raymond Ekwu. She was formerly married to Charles Ekwu but the marriage only lasted from 2000-2009.