The people have the right to secure their communities: Yoruba Ronu LF

AKinola Malaolu

Akinola Malaolu, President Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum

Akinola Malaolu, President Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum

The Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum has declared support for the efforts of the people in Igangan, Ibarapa LGA of Oyo state to secure themselves against the wanton attacks by criminally-minded Fulani herdsmen.

President of the YRLF, Mr Akin Malaolu said since the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to secure the people, other fair interventions become inevitable.

“Mr Sunday Igboho was not well known to the generality of our people until his recent emergence as a nationalist to help bring the required peace for our helpless millions of people, who seldom sleep with their two eyes closed”, Malaolu said.

“Our forum earlier in the new year warned Nigerians, particularly our people in South West, to keep watchful eyes on criminal activities that had gained weight in all our forest areas including Kogi and Kwara states.

“We see the peaceful supervision of calling out people of shady activities being done by Mr Sunday Igboho without bearing of unlawful weapons as a good intervention.

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“The security challenges, which the nation faces today, are general and since the APC government of Muhammad Buhari has failed, other fair interventions become inevitable.

“The presidency and governors must partner with the likes of Igboho to encourage community participation in security to improve security conditions in the Southwest and all over Nigeria. Vilifying him through unnecessary threats is unreasonable.

“So far, the people have felt reassured that criminal activities can be stemmed if required desire and energy are put to use and that is exactly what Igboho is offering.

“As one of the leaders of thought in the Southwest, our advice is that the innocent are not punished, homesteads are not burnt, and peaceful Nigerians are assisted to remain in the Southwest to pursue their legitimate interests”, Malaolu said.