Nigerian Michael Nzube dies in India while in police custody

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Illustration: Michael Nzube dies in Indian Hospital

Illustration: Michael Nzube dies in Indian Hospital

By Abankula

A 33 year-old Nigerian Michael Nzube has died in India in a hospital, while under police custody.

He died on Saturday, while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

Anjuna police in Goa, have registered an unnatural death case against the Nigerian.

The Navhind Times reported that the Police suspected drug overdose as the cause of death.

Anjuna police informed that on Thursday early morning at Arpora, a taxi driver stopped his vehicle for help near a restaurant as the Nigerian who was in the car started behaving aggressively.

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The restaurant staff informed the Anjuna police about it and on seeing police, the Nigerian turned violent and assaulted the owner of the restaurant and one of the staff and also damaged a taxi.

Later the police with the help of staff of the restaurant managed to take control of Nzube and got him shifted to a private hospital.

Police said that the taxi driver said that the Nigerian might have consumed drugs, causing his violence.

Meanwhile, Sandesh Pilankar, 33, a resident of Arpora has lodged a complaint against Nzube for assaulting, abusing and threatening him and his staff and damaging taxi.

In this connection, an offence under sections 326, 504, 506(ii), 427 of Indian Penal Code has been registered.

The private hospital informed the police about the death of Nzube and suspected cause of death to be overdose.

Police sources informed that the deceased had been arrested by Calangute police in 2019 for illegal possession of drugs and was recently released from judicial custody. Anjuna police is further investigating the case.