Police bust criminal gang in Wakiso District

Criminal gang


Police bust criminal gang in Wakiso District

Katwe Police last night carried out an intelligence-led operation and busted a criminal gang that has been operating in the areas of Masajja, Makindye-Sabagabo in Wakiso District.

‘Call Call’ conmen, as they are commonly known, defraud people using mobile phones by calling them and claiming that they have won prizes or by sending fake mobile money messages. They use false pretense, tell their unsuspecting victims to send them money.

The same group break into people’s houses and steal household property.

During the operation, suspected stolen items were recovered from the suspects’ residents.

They include three television sets, music systems, machetes, and government stores.

They also had marijuana in their possession.

This group, commanded by Michael Kinalwa, who was also arrested, had for a long time turned Kosovo zone, a no-go area, by attacking whoever is not known in the area.

They have on several occasions stoned and ganged up against police officers during arrests in their area.

On Sunday, 07/03/2021, at around 2pm, they attacked one Nagasha while driving in the area and robbed her bag containing about US$30,000 and UShs300,000.

One Musudan stopped the vehicle, banged the door and when the frightened lady opened the door, they grabbed the bag and took off.

He alleged that he took the bag and its contents to their gang leader Kinalwa, who later gave him a day’s allowance.

Nine people, including their commander, have been arrested and the operation is still going on to get rid of these criminals in the area.

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