Lagos' new humongous prices for number plates will scare you


Number plates and drivers licence

The Lagos State Government has released new humongous prices for number plates in the state different from the one the Joint Tax Board (JTB) approved recently.

The JTB had said Standard Private Number Plates and Standard Commercial Number Plates, among others is now N18,750, which represents an increase.

But the Lagos State Government on Tuesday said the blue number plate is now N37,825, while the red number plate is now N41,000.

In the prices displayed by the government on its Facebook page, change of ownership of blue number plates has been pegged at N33,825, while change of ownership of red number plates is now N38,300.

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Also the price for Fancy number plates has been put at N210,175, just as Fancy number plates conversion is now N202,050.

See full prices below

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