How Buhari can stop gunmen's attack in Southeast - Chiwetalu Agu


Agu and Buhari

Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu has said frequent attack by gunmen in Southeast part of Nigeria is easy to solve if President Muhammadu Buhari will stop all injustice and inequality.

Agu, who was just released by the Department of State Services, DSS, said the quota system in place in the country would lead to nowhere.

“Have you heard about quota system? Is quota system good that someone from the South with a high score would not gain university admission while a candidate from the North with a lower score would gain admission ahead of me?

“It is an unfair system, inequitable, unpardonable. Let everybody progress at their intelligence quotient (pace); this treatment can make some people run mad.

“The attack by gunmen in the South-East is very simple to solve. It is because you are encouraging them that it is still subsisting. Let’s stop all acts of injustice and inequity. Do you know how many Nigerians have left the country with their ingenuity because the country was made inconvenient for them? Uncountable.

“If gunmen and other criminals are supposed to be dealt with, why have you allowed Boko Haram to operate freely for many years? Do you know how much is spent by the government? Nothing on personnel and on my progress or yours. It is all going into arms being deployed against fellow Nigerians,” Agu said in an interview with The Punch.

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On if he believed the killings in Southeast were being perpetrated by IPOB, Agu said: “did they do any investigation or was it guesswork? Who has ever placed its research or investigation (report) on the table to prove it is IPOB? Which IPOB members have they brought to prove their claims?

“All these are conjectures they want people to believe. If it is them (IPOB), arrest them and give them lawful punishments. No criminals should be left unpunished whether from the North, South, East or West. These things were triggered, people were pushed.

“So, whether it is unknown gunmen or ‘ungun known men,’ trace their involvement in any crime, then deal with it. But don’t be partial; the parameters you used in the North should also be used in the South, East, West. So, people would begin to see you as being human, fair and just.”

He also said the agitation for Biafra is coming because the Igbo were denied everything due to them.

“If you want the Igbo man to run the affairs of the country, do not impose your ideas on him; do not intimidate him. Buhari came in 2015; have you ever seen anyone dictating to him? He does whatever he likes. I don’t fail to recall when 83 persons were killed in Benue State, Governor Ortom ran to President Buhari to complain.

“The President was supposed to attend the burial. Nobody is saying he should bring the dead back to life or help to bury the corpses. After that, an attempt was made on Ortom’s life. As long as equity is not placed on the table, all you do is nothing. Equity must come in and the Federal Government must operate in equity and fairness.”

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