What Nigerians may do to Buhari if they know how he destroyed the nation - Reno Omokri


Buhari and Reno Omokri

A former presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri on Saturday said if Nigerians knew what former President Muhammadu Buhari did, they might vent their anger on him if he is seen in public.

Omokri said to those saying that the Central Bank of Nigeria should resume defending the Naira with $1.5 billion monthly, “where will the money come from?”

He said the Buhari regime did crude oil swaps for future sales, saying that they already collected money in advance from the oil “we are selling today and for the rest of this year ahead of time and spent it.”

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Omokri added that “There is no income coming in right now, except diaspora remittances. If Nigerians know what Buhari did, they may vent their anger on him if he is seen in public.

“That is probably why he said he would retire to Niger Republic. But the coup there spoilt his plans. Nigeria right now is broke! And not just that, the Buhari regime printed trillions of Naira.

“Money that has no backing beyond just paper. There is no gold in the CBN or reserve abroad to back the printing. And unknown to Nigerians, some of his officials who helped him pull off this heist have fled the country, journalists, do your job. This regime is not talking because APC cannot expose APC!”

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