Napoli condemn Leicester to UEFA third tier league

Ndidi and another Leicester player after losing to Napoli

Ndidi and another Leicester player after losing to Napoli

Napoli have condemned Leicester to UEFA third tier league, the Europa Conference League, after beating them 3-2 in the last game of Group C in Europa.

With Spartak Moscow winning 1-0 at Legia Warsaw in the other game in the group, Leicester finished in third place.

Leicester now face a play-off round in February to enter the Europa Conference League.

But manager Brendan Rodgers told BT Sport: “I have to be honest – I don’t even know what the competition is in all fairness. I was focused on the Europa League and winning this group.

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“At the very least, finishing second so with all due respect to the competition, I’m not sure what it is. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.”

The UEFA Europa Conference League is the third UEFA club competition and runs alongside both the Champions League and Europa League.

The idea behind the Europa Conference League is to give more clubs a taste of European football, particularly sides from countries that struggle to qualify for the other two UEFA competitions.


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