Filmmaker Aminu Mukhtar wanted over ‘immoral movie’


Aminu Umar Mukhtar

Aminu Umar Mukhtar, a Kannywood movie director, has been declared wanted by the Kano state film censorship board over ‘Makaranta’, his latest film.

The executive director of the board, Na Abba Afakallah, revealed this in a chat with BBC Pidgin on Thursday.

Afakallah said the the filmmaker was declared wanted after he failed to honour the board’s invitation over the film.

According to him, Aminu had in December promised to show up on New Year Day, but is yet to do so.

He added that the board’s opposition to the film was due to its ‘immoral’ content and the fact that the project did not get the body’s approval.

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“The truth is that the whole process of that film did not get the backing of the board. Even the promotion video currently circulating ought to have been vetted by us. That way, we can say remove this part or that, but the filmmaker did neither of that,” he said.

“Since he did not answer our invitation, we’ll take the next step because our board is about preserving the religion and culture of Kano and we won’t allow anyone to destroy that for us.”

In the teaser of the film, students are seen in a school environment. One of the scenes shows a female student telling the other about ‘Jimai’ which means sex in Hausa.

In another scene, another female student is seen announcing that she was pregnant with her colleague promising to help her handle the situation.

The last scene in the trailer shows the students in a typical party setting, with male and female colleagues dancing together.

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