How I received double portion of anointing from T.B. Joshua - Prophet Samuel

T.B Joshua and Prophet Samuel

T.B Joshua and Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel

The Founder of Shiloh Word Chapel, and CEO of Shiloh Love TV, Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel is no doubt a proud protégé of Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

While speaking in his church in Abuja, Prophet Samuel narrated how he got a double portion of anointing from the late T.B. Joshua.

Ikechukwu Samuel and Prophet T.B Joshua
Ikechukwu Samuel and Prophet T.B Joshua

The cleric noted that he was not just a fan or distant protege of Prophet TB Joshua, but was divinely led to be a partaker of his grace.

He said: “I followed him so hard and so deep with all sincerity of heart, the heart-to-heart connection was deep, one day he called me to come and visit him in Lagos, and he said God laid it in his heart to give me two pulpits, one of them is what we use in our church here today. To me, that is not usual, it is symbolic of double grace, double anointing for the double impact of what TB Joshua was able to do in his days.

Prophet Samuel Ikechukwu with the pupilts given to him by T.B. Joshua
Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel with the pulpits given to him by T.B. Joshua

“The pulpits stand for double anointing mantle. For example, we have recorded countless raw grace impartations via this pulpit, and many testimonies have been recorded just by touching this pulpit. Destinies have been touched, and many dignitaries have benefitted from the grace this mantle produced in SHILOH WORD CHAPEL, Not just normal stars; Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state; Willie Obiano of Anambra state, Obaseki of Edo State, too many world-class leaders have been beneficiaries of this transferred grace and anointing. Others include the Prime minister of guinea Bissau, Nuno Gomes Nabiam who has been the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau since 28 February 2020, and much more too numerous to mention.

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“People don’t know that God does not change, there are established paths to the transference of grace and anointing, as it was with Moses to Joshua; Elijah to Elisha Jesus Christ to 12 apostles, Prophet TB Joshua mentored me directly! I have lots of pictures to show some of these personal moments of mentorship we shared together. I followed him so hard and faithfully and finally, he dropped a visible mantle of the pulpit as a physical representation of the double anointing and grace he carried.

“He gave me the double pulpits right at his synagogue, and there are pictures to validate this.

“As time went by, we are still recording unbelievable testimonies via the instrumentality of this impartation. Signs, wonders, global impacts, international open doors, accurate prophecies, just name it. My father TB Joshua was father to many international leaders, the same way this grace and anointing is finding expression in my own little life here at Shiloh Word Chapel, we have raised so many global stars, prime ministers, governors, and many global leaders both here in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

“This year, 2023 God revealed to me that the grace has been tripled for a global impact of Soul Winning; Salvation; Signs, and Wonders with Great Financial Exploits For Mega Breakthroughs.

“You can connect to the flow as God said to me, at the beginning of this ministry, he said, “Raise me a generation that will change nations and possess the land through the acts of faith.” Shiloh word chapel will save many lives through the medium Of Shiloh Love TV and Samaritan Foundation.”

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