How Omah Lay tried to 'toast' Tiwa Savage in public

Omah Lay and  Tiwa Savage

Omah Lay and Tiwa Savage

By Nehru Odeh

Omah Lay is an artiste in search of love. Despite his growing popularity, Nigerian hip-hop sensation, who was born Stanley Omah Didia and hails from Rivers State, is not finding things easy.

Beneath the veneer of fame lies pain, which he tries to release through hit after hit. Beneath the veneer of growing popularity lies a sense of not being fulfilled in matters of the heart.

Little wonder after his former girl friend Gloria served him breakfast, he went into depression that almost claimed his life. He became suicidal, thinking of putting an end to his life, even when he was recording the album, ‘Boy Alone.’

“I want to pour my heart out on this app, he wrote, “Boy Alone” might be the last song in which you hear me sob. When I recorded G, I was hopelessly depressed, insecure, terrified, and on the verge of losing my mind. I was going to actually commit suicide.

“People I used to look up to stopped showing me love, I looked people in the eye and saw doubt, disrespect and hate. I lost myself, maybe I was just overthinking, I don’t know.

“My babe served me ‘breakfast’ at midnight. I wanted to go crazy,” Omah Lay once tweeted. He also confessed later that his depression intensified after he had sex with his therapist.

Omay Lay is indeed a boy alone. However, the highly talented artiste and winner of the Headies Next Rated award, who has wowed his fans with hit after hit such as Infinity, Godly and Soso sees music as a form of Catharsis, as an avenue to release his pain.

Still, ever since Omay Lay was served breakfast by his former girlfriend Gloria, his life has never remained the same. He is an artiste in search of love. He is a man in search of a woman that will take his pains away.

And indeed that is what his hit song Soso which has surpassed more than 16 million views on YouTube since its release is all about. “Soso take my pain away,” he sings. But the question is, Who is that Soso that will take Omah Lay’s pain away?

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However, the 25-year-old singer has found the woman who can take away his pain in the person of the 43- year-old Queen of Afrobeats Tiwa Savage. Savage has often lyricised the fact that she is the Number one African ‘bad gal.’

Omay Lay has of late never hidden his love and desire for Savage. He has made known his love for the Somebody’s Son crooner in public, often times shooting his shots, which is referred to as toasting in Pidgin English.

Omay Lay first shot his shot in public when he made Savage’s photo his display picture on Twitter. That action elicited a lot of reactions, with many insinuating that both artistes are in a relationship.

Still, Omah Lay fuelled the rumours more when he tweeted “I love Tiwa Savage Too.” This also drew the reactions of many, who lambasted him for shooting his shots at a “senior colleague.”

Not done yet, Omah Lay stirred the hornet’s nest for the umpteenth time when on Friday 17 February, he sent bouquets of rose to Savage. That singular action has left many talking, insinuating whether a collabo between the artistes is in the offing or if love is in the air.

Savage herself, excited about the flowers, shared them via the Insta-stories section of her verified Instagram page, accompanying it with shock and smile emojis.

This has also elicited a lot of reactions. Still, the silence of the two artistes involved has fuelled rumours. No matter what people are saying, whether the two artistes are in love, the fact remains that Omah Lay is in love with Savage, their age difference notwithstanding. He has made open the love he has for her, toasting her, as they say, in public.

Only time will tell whether this is a prelude to a collabo or a steaming love affair between Omah Lay and Savage. Or whether the love affair has actually started.

However, the fact remains that Omah Lay sees Savage as the Soso that will take his pain away. And he has sent the message across to her several times in public. It is left for Savage to get the message and ‘play ball,’ if she so wishes.

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