Imo governorship election: Obidients affirm support for LP's Achonu

Labour Party governorship candidate Nathan Achonu

Labour Party, LP, Imo governorship candidate Nathan Achonu

By Angela Atabo

Mazi Obi Okoli, the Coordinator, Obidient Movement, Europe, has said Sen. Athan Achonu, the Labour Party (LP) candidate stands tallest among the contestants in the November 11, 2023 governorship race.

Okoli said this while urging Obidients in Imo to be focused in their resolve to bring a change in the state in the governorship election.

Okoli in a statement from UK, said Achonu has developed a programme designed to end hunger, insecurity and unemployment which is very prevalent in the state under the current leadership of the state.

According to Okoli, Obidients in Imo have resolved to support Achonu and no amount of deceit from any quarter will sway them to back any other individual.

“We hereby place a disclaimer to any individual or individuals claiming to be supporting any other candidate in Imo State elections under the deceit and claim to represent the Obidient Movement.

“We, the Obidient Movement, hereby state clearly that the only candidate Obidients support in Imo State for governorship 2023 is Senator Athan Achonu.

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“We call on all Igbo; indeed, Imo citizens and our friends living in Imo state to stand behind the Labour Party Candidate, Senator Achonu, and help free Imo State from misery and pain.”

Okoli urged residents to remain resolute and resolved to bring change to the people of Imo State.

“We believe that a new Imo is Possible; a state where peace and security shall be paramount. A better Imo is ‘Athanable’, and Sen. Athan Achonu will emerge victorious.

“A state where the youths will be assured of their future and no fake political promises; a state where the resources of the state will be used purely for the development of the state and not for the personal use of a few.”

According to Okoli, Athan has promised Imo citizens ‘AIR’ Agriculture, Industrialisation and Reconstruction.

He, therefore called on Imo residents and their friends living in the state to stand behind Achonu and help rescue Imo from misery and pain.

Obi Okoli, the Coordinator, Obidient Movement, Europe, affirms support of the group for Athan Achonu, the LP candidate in Imo November 2023 governorship race.

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