Why I hate Nigerian Police passionately – Skales

Why I hate Nigerian Police passionately– Singer Skales

Why I hate Nigerian Police passionately– Singer Skales

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Renowned musician Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, also known as Skales has explained that he passionately disapproved of the Nigeria Police Force due to personal experience.

He revealed that his aversion to the police stemmed from an incident where he and his former manager were wrongfully detained.

Skales recounted that he spent over 24 hours in police custody before influential figures from the entertainment industry intervened and secured his release.

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He shared this information during a recent episode of The Time podcast, hosted by Victoria Gure and Folasade Abimbola.

In his own words,“I was locked up one time. Me and my manager were locked up. It was actually my ex-manager who was supposed to be locked up, but I was like, it makes no sense that my manager would be locked up because of the issue I’m also involved in, and I will just be quiet.

“So, I went to the police station. And you know, I hate Nigerian police. I hate them. I want them to know that I hate them passionately. I was locked up for no reason over one small thing. I was in there for like 24 hours. I wasn’t supposed to be there so the person that was having the issue with my manager when he realised I was also part of it…. God bless Paulo of Upturn and Personal and my current manager, Kolatunez, they pulled strings and the whole issue was resolved.”

Recall that Skales had previously called out the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly breaking into his home at midnight and subjecting him to harassment in the presence of his family. He claimed that they accused him of being involved in fraudulent activities and arrested individuals working with him in the studio, including one of his signed artistes.


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