Maintaining love across borders: Relationship tips for this 'Japa' season

Maintaining love across borders: Relationship tips for this ‘Japa’ season

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Amid this ‘japa’ season, where many individuals are embarking on journeys abroad, leaving their partners for various reasons, managing relationships across borders has become a prevalent concern for couples.

As distance tests the strength of love, let’s look into some effective strategies to maintain a strong connection.

Communication is Key

Let me emphasize that maintaining open and honest communication is crucial during times of separation.

With the plethora of communication tools available, couples are encouraged to schedule regular video calls, share daily updates, and express their feelings openly to bridge the physical gap.

Virtual Date Nights

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Distance is not a barrier to intimacy, couples can get creative with virtual date nights.

Whether it’s watching the same movie simultaneously, playing online games together, or cooking the same recipe while video chatting, these activities help maintain a sense of shared experience despite the geographical distance.

Trust and Independence:

Maintaining trust is paramount in any relationship, but it becomes especially crucial during periods of separation.

Time Zone Struggles:

Dealing with different time zones can be a logistical challenge, but it’s one that many couples face during ‘japa’ season.

It’s best to establish a routine that accommodates both partners’ schedules and find overlapping times for meaningful conversations to stay connected.

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