'I am feeling frustrated' - Actress Sarah Martins breaks down in tears (Video)

sarah martins

Sarah martins

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins on Friday evening expressed deep pain over the country’s economic downturn in an emotional post on instagram.

She urged her followers to release their emotions through tears if it could reduce their challenges, sharing her feelings of frustration and misery caused by the economic downturn that’s crippling businesses.

She lamented the outrageous rise in prices, citing an example of products she bought just two months ago for N4 million now being valued at N12 million.

Expressing concern for fellow business owners, she said she is now afflicted with high blood pressure, pounding headaches and stress as a result of the situation in the country.

She noted that despite it being a Friday night, she found herself weighed down by worry instead of enjoying herself in the club.

Adding to her challenges, Sarah revealed is a financial dispute with her former best friend Judy Austin, claiming a debt of 1 million.

She revealed that she demanded repayment and called on Judy’s close friends to intervene and remind her of the debt.

In an attempt to provide evidence supporting her claims and dispel any doubts, Sarah shared screenshots of her transactions not only with Judy Austin, but also with Yul Edochie.

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She clarified that she had lent money to Judy to enhance her brand influence, feeling that Judy wasn’t leveraging the attention garnered from a previous scandal involving Yul to boost her brand.

“Sometimes, if crying will ease your pain… just cry your heart out and go to bed

Today is Friday and many people are balling in the club but here I am, feeling frustrated and miserable because this economy is working effortlessly hard to cripple businesses

Same product I purchased for 4m naira just 2months ago is now 12m

I can’t even wrap my head around it…
Orders are still popping on same old price and customers no wan hear “price increase”

Business owners, how are you coping???
My BP is high and my head bangs….

God pls take charge “, Sarah posted



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