Niger Delta youth leader advises Tinubu on Betta Edu


Niger Delta entrepreneur and youth leader Richard Akinaka

By Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

A youth leader and entrepreneur in the Niger Delta, Richard Akinaka has urged President Bola Tinubu not allow public emotions and noises on social media be the guide for his decision on alleged corruption case involving Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

Akinaka spoke this in a chat with newsmen in Port Harcourt.

He argued that the decision by the suspended Minister to authorize the payment of the N585 million of the ministry’s funds into a private account of a civil servant might have stemmed from he4 desire to reduce the bureaucracy and red-tapism naturedly and of federal bureaucracy in her bid to deliver on her assignment.

Akinaka who commended the President for the suspension and ongoing investigation of Betta Edu urged the President to re-examine her motive for the actions she was suspended for.

“If it becomes clear that the funds released for the project were judiciously used and not siphoned or embezzled, then the Minister should be allowed to continue her work at the Ministry”.

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Akinaka, while expressing regret for the potential error made by the suspended Minister based on rules and regulations governing funds for projects, suggested that the timing of project execution might outweigh any wrongdoing regarding separate accounts.

“I express my deep gratitude towards the president for appointing such an excellent and young female Minister to work with. I plead on her behalf, not just because of her intelligence and competence but also because of her intentions”

“What happened to her was a terrible mistake that could have happened to any of us. Considering the nature of her job, this issue is actually very common,” Mr. Akinaka stated.

“All I am saying is that if the money allegedly embezzled can be accounted for and was used for good Intentions ,Mr president should please forgive her and if it is proven otherwise she can be sacked. Mr president should also consider that she is the best at what she does.”

“She must have made a terrible mistake but as we all know in government business, project accountants are used for specific operations for efficiency purposes and such funds are retired at the end by the appointed accountant.”

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