Wealthy partner can prevent men from seeking DNA tests - Seun Kuti

Kuti 1

Seun Kuti

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Afrobeats singer Seun Kuti has expressed his belief that no man would request a DNA test if his spouse holds greater financial stability than him.

According to him, requesting DNA is not only about trust but also a power issue.

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Kuti joined the discussion on the DNA test controversy circulating on Nigeria’s social media platforms.

In a video message, Kuti stated that the emphasis on DNA tests stems primarily from trust and power factors within relationships. .

He said, “There is no way that doing DNA test is not about trust. Doing DNA test is a trust issue 100 per cent! It’s not only a trust issue, it’s also a power issue. No man would request for a DNA test if their partners are richer than them.”

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