Why I took break from music - Illbliss


Rapper Illbliss

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Popular rapper and actor Tobechukwu Ejiofor, popularly known as Illbliss, has explained that he took a sabbatical from music to diversify.

The ‘King Of Boys’ actor said he has been trying his hands in movies, documentaries and other forms of creativity.

He added that being a dad was also a major factor for his break from music.

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Illbliss featured as a guest in a recent episode of Hip TV programme, Trending, hosted by reality star KimOprah.

He said, “My two kids came miraculously. My first child was born eight years after I married my wife while my second daughter born during the COVID-19 lockdown. So I took time off to be a dad; to spend time with my family and raise my kids.

“Also, I was trying to find diversification. So I moved into television as well. I had done ‘King Of Boys’ a year before then and I just felt like I needed to produce more; shoot more films, documentaries and get into spaces where I could still express myself artistically without just putting out music. So, I took a break from music. All of these is what has been happening in the last four years.”

Reflecting on his journey to fatherhood, Illbliss expressed gratitude for the miraculous nature of their births, stating the profound impact his daughters have had on his life.

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