AY’s wife Mabel speaks amid marital crisis


Ayo Makun and Mabel Makun

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Mabel Makun, wife of popular Comedian, AY has said that distance is her new response to disrespect.

Mabel made the statement shortly after her husband confirmed their marital crisis.

AY on Sunday admitted his flaws and said that friendship and marriage of twenty years was slipping away.

Shortly after his post, Mabel posted a clip on her Instagram page which suggested that distance is her new response to disrespect.

The clip read: “Distance is my new response to disrespect. I don’t react.

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“I don’t argue, I don’t dive into the drama. I simply remove myself.”

In January, Mabel had alleged being in a abusive situation, in an Instagram post which got her fans worried.

Mabel took to her Instagram to state that her life was at stake, thus confusing some fans and worrying others. She asserted that she had been receiving threats on her life and was taking the matter to the police. However, she did not name any names.

Mabel also made another post, this time to her Instagram story, stressing that she was fed up of going through mental abuse .

“Been abused mentally and all round for way too long and I have had enough,” it read.

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