CPPM condemns attack on Oyo state house, calls for investigation

Yoruba Nation

Some of the Yoruba nation agitators arrested by police

A civil society organization, Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate (CPPM) has condemned in the strongest terms the reported attack on the Oyo State Government secretariat by a group of hoodlums called Yoruba nation agitators, which it described, as an “act of terrorism”.

According to CPPM, “We view this reprehensible terrorist conduct by the hoodlums called Yoruba nation agitators as an act of terrorism against the Nigerian state which must be confronted with the full wrath of the law”.

In a press release issued by its executive director Nelson Ekujumi in Lagos on Sunday 14 April 2024, CPPM commended the security agencies for rising to the occasion in apprehending the terrorists before they could unleash mayhem in Oyo State in particular and Nigeria in general.

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The group then urged the security agencies to dig deeper into the activities of the terrorist association called Yoruba nation agitators who have assaulted and undermined national security and are warning up to be like terrorist groups in the mould of IPOB/ESN and Boko haram.

CPPM warned that “Nigeria as a country cannot afford to allow the threat to national security by another terrorist group in the name of Yoruba nation agitators and therefore called for the venting of the full wrath of the law on this bunch of miscreants terrorists before it develops into a monster.”

The group then called on Nigerians to remain law abiding and keep faith with democracy despite the country’s challenges by upholding their duties as “patriotic citizens whose loyalty to the fatherland is irrevocable.”

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