Osun Amotekun: The concocted appointment

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By Funsho Oyedotun

Security, no gain-saying, is a serious business and as well, everybody’s business. For any community, state or nation to grow, it must make its security a priority. There must be a solid security architecture in place, and having that security architecture goes beyond having good structures and carrying technically advanced arms.

A solid structure without having the right person (s) with the required legal backing would be tantamount to brewing unforeseen trouble.

Residents of Osun woke up to seemingly misleading information circulating on various social media platforms, concerning the purported appointment of a retired Chief Superintendent of Police in the person of one Adekunle Isaac Omoyele, who happens to be a special adviser to the governor of Osun State on security and Internal Affairs presently, as a replacement for the position of the Corps Commander of Osun State Security Network Agency, ‘Operation Amotekun’.

It will be ideal for record purposes to say that this spurious information CAN NEVER emanate from the present government of Osun State, as it is obvious to the government that a non-indigene of the State CANNOT and WILL NEVER head the state’s security apparatus as the extant law states. That will be one of the flaws of effective Community Policing.

With an indigene at the helm of affairs, casing will become easier. This is the norm in other Western Nigerian states and even beyond the states of Nigeria. The same thing applies to metro police, LAPD, etc.

As responsible citizens of Osun, we are alarmed, appalled and justifiably miffed by the deliberate peddling of falsehood and misinformation against the ruling government.

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As part of our Civic responsibility to the state, we remain committed to the cause of the state and her indigenes.

It is therefore imperative to set the record straight and to assuage the concerns of Osun indigenes, friends and well-wishers, who are well acquainted with the laws that set up the Western Nigerian Security Network Agency.

The objective here is to clear any misgivings or mischief circulated to embarrass the Osun State Government. We are also aware that the mischief makers who authored this ill-conceived information, orchestrated it to take undue advantage of members of the public and as such, the people should be wary of their antics.

This government in our opinion CAN NEVER commit such enormous error. As much as we do not concur with this ill-conceived information tailored towards causing chaos in our state, we will not also fail to seek appropriate redress in the court of law in favour of our sons and daughters.

We equally seize the opportunity to express our profound appreciation to all who noticed and called to express their concerns.

Osun State WILL NEVER be found lagging among others.

*Funsho Oyedotun is the General Secretary, OSUN People’s Parliament, a non-governmental and non-partisan organization based in Osogbo, Osun State.

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