Laide Bakare lied, wasn't harassed, drove on BRT lane and was fined - Police

Laide Bakare 2

Laide Bakare

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Lagos State Police Command has said actress Laide Bakare was not harassed by the police as she claimed but that she drove on BRT lane and was fined N70,000.

Bakare had accused the police of harassing her after she was accused of driving on BRT lane. She said the police drove away her vehicle with her daughter inside.

“She was terrified! Just because they needed our ATM card to take out 70,000 Naira. The guy entered my car and zoomed off with this little girl . Still feels like a movie,” she said in a video on her Instagram page.

But the spokesman of the Lagos Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, on his X page displayed the fine receipt of Bakare for driving on BRT lane.

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Hundeyin wrote: “You (Bakare) were stopped for contravening traffic laws by driving on the BRT lane. You chose to create a scene. You chose to remain out of your vehicle when it was being taken to LASTMA office.

“The officers were not going to succumb to your gimmick to hold them down at that spot. You rightly paid the correct fine for your offence – N70,000 – into government coffers. You left with the receipt and your vehicle. Not a finger was laid on you.”

See fine receipt below:

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