Issuance Of Dud Cheque: Company Threatens To Sue Medical Doctor


A medical laboratory, Dial Medical Laboratory Limited, has threatened to institute a legal action against a medical doctor, Dr. Okechukwu Ogba Uche, over alleged issuance of dud cheque.

The medical company, in a letter written by its counsel, Barrister Ike Ofokwu, alleged that it rendered medical services to Dr. Okechukwu Ogba Uche’s Spring Family Clinic amounting to N245,700 and allegedly issued two cheques for the payment of the services, but when the cheques were presented for payment, they were dishonoured.

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Consequently, Dial Medical Laboratory threatened that if the banker’s cheque conveying the aforementioned amount is not received within seven days, there would be no alternative than to seek legal redress.

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