Zimbabwe Prime Minister In Synagogue To Seek Help


Zimbabwe Prime Minister, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, yesterday arrived Nigeria to seek the face  of God at the Synagogue Church of all Nations in Ikotun, Lagos, South West Nigeria, a source  told P.M.NEWS this morning.

The source said that the Prime Minister, who has been in power tussle with President Robert  Gabriel Mugabe, is visiting Joshua’s church to seek spiritual help ahead of the Presidential  election in Zimbabwe.

The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, arrived the country yesterday with some  of his family members and security details, the source said.

“Just like the President of Ghana who came to Synagogue Church to seek the face of God during  the election in his country, the Zimbabwe Prime Minister is also at the Synagogue Church to  seek the face of God.

“There is an election coming up in Zimbabwe soon and as you know the Synagogue Church is a  place of refuge for presidents and African nations in times of trouble, especially troubling  elections.

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“The Prime Minister arrived with his family members. His daughter is here and there are also  security details that came with him,” the source said.

Since 2000, the Mugabe-led government embarked on a controversial fast-track land reform  programme intended to correct the inequitable land distribution created by colonial rule.

Mugabe’s policies have been condemned in some quarters at home and abroad, especially receiving  harsh criticism from the British and American governments because they said that the policies  often led to violent land seizure. Inflation in Zimbabwe is one of the worst in the world.

In 2008, his party suffered a tight defeat in national parliamentary elections, but after  disputed presidential elections, Mugabe retained presidential power with the signing of a  power-sharing deal with opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara of the MDC-T  and MDC-M opposition party.

—Simon Ateba

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