Crisis Rocks Cab Drivers’ Association


Some aggrieved members of Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Cab Operators Association  (LASTDCOA) have appealed to the state government to intervene in the crisis rocking  the association.

Part fo allegations levelled against the executives of the association include  conniving with the state security apparatus, especially officials of Vehicle  Inspection Office (VIO), to harass and intimidate some members of the association.

The aggrieved members, led by Comrade Kola Afolabi, in a chat with P.M. NEWS,  alleged that the association’s executives ordered vehicle inspection officials to  arrest any member that still uses Tokunbo cars for taxi operation, any taxi without  the association’s sticker as well as to stop issuing hackney permit, car  registration, road worthiness, vehicle licence and other relevant documents to them.

Afolabi also alleged that the executives of the association use the introduction of  new cars for taxi business in the state to exploit its members instead of getting  things done for them at reduced rates.

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However, Prince Adetoro, the General Secretary of the association, refuted all the  allegations.

According to him, there was no day the executives connived with vehicle inspection  officers to arrest any members, saying that the decision was made to save members  from the embarrassment caused by those who use taxis to perpetrate evil in the  state.

While saying that there was no time the association ordered VIOs to arrest any taxi  driver that failed to buy new cars for their service, Adetoro added that the  introduction of new cars for taxi or cab operation was informed by the launch and  introduction of private initiatives into taxi and cab operation in the state.

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