Idris Elba posts an update on his coronavirus infection(Video)

Idris Elba

Idris Elba on Tuesday night

Idris Elba on Tuesday night

Idris Elba 24 hours after he revealed his shocking coronavirus status, has posted a video update about his condition.

The British actor said he is not exhibiting any symptoms, but he is worried that because he has an underlying asthma condition, the virus can present a great danger to his health.

He revealed that his wife Sabrina has also taken the coronavirus test and awaiting the result.

Idris responded to criticisms that he allowed his wife, Sabrina to move too close to him, while recording Monday’s video.

‘Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side, as much as we talked about her not coming to where I am, she did, and wanted to and I love her even more for it and I would do the same for her.

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‘I see a lot of people saying Sabrina shouldn’t be there…in this time…love is all you can get. Who am I gonna turn down my wife’s support? As much as I wanted to keep her safe, we presumed if I had it there was a likelihood she’d have it too. ‘Hope you guys can understand that.’

Idris also advised black people not to believe the dumb theory that they cannot catch the coronavirus.

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