Tottenham unveil new Nike away kit for next season

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Tottenham unveil new Nike away kit for next season

Tottenham unveils new kit

Tottenham Hotspur have unveiled their all-new Nike away kit which will be worn for the 2021/22 season.

The London club revealed that the new kit was designed to celebrate the centenary of the inclusion of the famous cockerel on the Spurs shirt.

Tottenham shirt has a dark base with the shirt looking like an artist’s canvas. It has a bold, vibrant print splattered all over, giving out a futuristic space feeling.

The club crest, Nike Swoosh and all sponsor logos are ‘venom green’, while both the shorts and the socks are a simple black.

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Sticking with Nike’s Move to Zero initiative, which strives to produce kits with zero waste – this kit is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric which is made out of discarded plastic bottles, delivering peak performance at a reduced cost to the environment.

That’s an important part of this kit for Spurs, who were named as the Premier League’s greenest club this year for their ongoing work to protect the environment.


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