I was praying Liverpool shouldn't score - Tuchel


Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, says he was praying Liverpool should not score in the last five minutes of the game after the home side mounted the pressure.

Chelsea held on to a 1-1 draw at Liverpool despite Reece James was sent off in the first half for handling the ball.

From then on, it was Liverpool all the way, with Chelsea defending with all their might.

speaking to BBC after the match, Tuchel said: “The red card – I’m not even sure any more if it’s the rules or not the rules. You have to accept the decision. He maybe would have changed his mind with moving pictures.

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“In the end it maybe would have stayed the same. I don’t like early red cards in general because it spoils the game. In the end it was a tough and hard fight. We showed great resilience and deserved the point.

“We decided to stay in a back five. We wanted to stay active and make it hard to create chances. The first 10 minutes seemed endless.

“The last five minutes I was actually praying we take what we deserved. It was a hard and a tough one, but a very strong second half defensively.”

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