Face of Ali Harbi Ali killer of British MP Sir David Amess

Ali Harbi Ali

Ali Harbi Ali

The photographs of 25 year-old British born Ali Harbi Ali, killer of Sir David Amess have surfaced, ahead of his arraignment by UK Police.

Jeanne @D4rc_ was the first to share a photo of the knifeman, in which he stands with his father, Ali Harbi Kullane.

The photograph appears to have been taken in Enfield, according to details glimpsed from it.

Hours after, some British newspapers, such as The Sun and Daily Mail also published blurred images of the man.

Ali Harbi’s brutal killing of the 69 year-old MP has sent shockwaves through the British nation, with comparison made with the killing five years ago of Jo Cox, a lawmaker from the opposition Labour Party.

Ali Harbi Ali and his dad. Photo trademarked by Jeanne @d4rc_
Ali Harbi Ali and his dad. Photo trademarked by Jeanne @d4rc_

A review of politicians’ security is apace.

Police said Ali Harbi acted alone.

They have classified the killing as an act of terrorism as they ​used additional powers under anti-terrorism laws to detain him until Oct. 22.

Investigation has also revealed that Ali had previously been referred to the government’s Prevent programme for monitoring “radicalisation” that may lead to recruitment for terrorist activities.

Sir David Amess

But he was reportedly never under investigation or surveillance by MI5, the UK’s counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism service.

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Harbi Ali Kullane, the father of Ali Harbi Ali, confirmed to The Sunday Times that it was his son that was arrested in connection with Amess murder.

“At this particular moment we are going through (an)unprecedented and horrific situation,” Harbi Ali Kullane, a former adviser to Hassan Ali Khaire, a former Somali prime minister, told Reuters via email.

“Due to the ongoing early investigation I am obliged and commanded not to talk about it,” said the traumatic dad who was a former director of the Somali government’s media and communication department.

British police were on Sunday searching an address in north London linked to Ali Harbi Ali, Reuters reporters said.

Amess’ family said they were “absolutely broken” and urged people to pull together.

“Set aside hatred and work towards togetherness,” they said in a statement released via London police.

“Whatever one’s race, religious or political beliefs, be tolerant and try to understand.”

Interior minister Priti Patel said Britain is looking at how to boost the security of lawmakers.

“Within that there are other options that are being considered such as when you hold your surgeries, could you have officers or some kind of protection…?” she told Sky News on Sunday, referring to meetings British lawmakers have with their constituents.


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