Stop bullying people on their pages-Sarah Martins warns

sarah martins

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Nollywood’s rising actress and former companion of Judy Austin, Sarah Martins, has reached out to Nigerians regarding the turmoil in Isreal DMW’s shattered marriage.

In an extensive Instagram post, she highlighted how Nigerians lack boundaries  while observing numerous individuals trivializing Isreal DMW’s marital breakdown.

Sarah emphasized the complexity of relationships, urging people to pray for partners capable of enduring their flaws and loving them through hardships.

She sternly advised against mocking others’ pain and implored Nigerians to cease the online harassment and jesting.

“Nigerians don’t know when to stop! I see a lot of people making caricatures of Isreal DMW’s failed marriage. Nobody knows it all when it comes to relationships. Just pray to God to give you a partner who will be patient with you and love you at your worst. Stop making a joke out of people’s pain is not fair!

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These are the reasons I will never bring my dispute in my relationship in the public space. Heartache can lead to depression and depression can lead to many things. Make una leave them alone”.

“Bro I will date you in private, marry you in private, knack you to Jerusalem in private, dump you in private if you do like werey and still move on in private…..

Some things are best left unsaid!!!!
You will only know and see things I want you to see and know!

Don’t get confused with my posts…. You know absolutely nothing about me!!!

Stop bullying people on their pages”.

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