Upcoming artist: How to succeed by spending little on music promotions


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By Taiwo Okanlawon

Are you an upcoming artist struggling in the Nigerian music industry? If your answer is yes, then you need to use the best and low-cost music promotion method to promote your music to millions of Nigerians so that you can come into the limelight in the Nigerian music industry.

A lot of upcoming artists are talented, hardworking, and spending so much on music promotions, but they are not known in the music industry because they are doing a lot of things wrong, especially when it comes to music promotion methods.

In this article, I will explain the most effective music promotion method you can use to succeed within a short period of time. All you need is consistent with the music promotions method.

A lot of upcoming artists in Nigeria do not have a sponsor or record label contract, so they have to sponsor themselves and it is not easy to pay so much for music promotions.

It is quite expensive to run music promotions on most radio, television and other popular digital and media platforms in Nigeria at the moment, that is why you need to go the extra mile to promote your music content at a very low cost.

An instance is you must have heard Nasboi Umbrella Ft Wande Coal he has put in lot of effort to promote his new song and used lots of skit makers and influencers.

Most effective and low cost basic promotions method

Social media influencer promotions

There are several advantages that come with promoting your music album or EP with social media influencers.

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It is not quite expensive to promote your music with social media influencers. Likewise, they are accessible. You can reach out to them very fast and you will be able to proceed with your music promotions project unlike media houses where you need to go through a long process to promote your music and also pay a huge amount of money to go to your songs.

Direct social media sponsorship

It is necessary for you as an upcoming artist to be very active on social media so that you can grow your fan page.

Running paid social media advertisements will help you to increase your social media followers within a short period of time and you will be able to grow your fan base with your social media handles.

You can make use of Facebook, Instagram, tiktok and other popular social media platforms to run direct advertisements to grow your social media page.

In addition, you can stick to entertainment news so you can know who is trending to use for your promotions.

Give away for a newly released song

One of the fastest, low cost, and effective methods of promoting your newly released music project is to run a giveaway program for internet users.

You just need social media users to use your song in their videos and give those with the highest views a certain amount of money within a certain period of time.

This method is the most effective. A lot of upcoming and successful music artists have been using it for a long time and it is working perfectly well for them, you can also make use of it.

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